Divinity: Original Sin Conquers America

The little RPG that could, Divinity: Original Sin, began as an idea funded by the
fans. From there it proceeded to a critically-acclaimed launch on Steam, and now it rolls into all major US retailers including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target just in time for Christmas.

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone (or for an excuse to ignore
your uncle’s political opinions at dinner)? Divinity: Original Sin features a 50 hour campaign – and co-op, if you want to bring a friend! – and the retail version is patched and available at major retail stores near you when you need an excuse to get out of the house. It also comes with the Source Hunter DLC included, for even more relative-avoiding action, and all for just $39.99.

Divinity: Original Sin is also available in major digital outlets including Steam.
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About Divinity: Original Sin
Divinity: Original Sin returns to the roots of memorable and beloved cRPGs, featuring isometric, party-based gameplay; turn-based combat; gripping dialogues; choice and consequence; enthralling story; profound character and party development; a large interactive world filled with characters and items; free exploration; and more. Players are encouraged to pursue their main
mission by the book, by hook, or by crook- forging a unique path is rewarded by the game world.

Divinity: Original Sin is built for single- or multiplayer campaigns, supporting drop-in and drop-out online and local games.

Key features
• Become part of a reactive, living and open world. Explore diverse environments, find myriad creatures and tons of desirable items.
• Experience gripping, party and turn-based combat. Manipulate the environment and use skill & spell combos.
• Play in co-op multiplayer and engage in co-op dialogues. Shape your relationships with your partner that will influence the game.
• Unravel a deep and epic story, set in the early days of Rivellon. Taking place well before Divine Divinity and The Dragon Knight Saga, Divinity: Original Sin presents you with a familiar universe in a unique era.
• A classless system lets you shape your character however you see fit. Endless item interaction and combinations support your character’s individuality.
• Create your own adventures and share them online. With the game, you’ll get the powerful Divinity Engine Toolkit used by the game’s designers

Pertinent Details
Developer: Larian Studios
Publisher: Larian Studios
Platform: PC/Mac
Genre: RPG
Price: $39.99

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