‘Dragon, Fly’ On iOS® Challenges You To Embark On A Wonderful Fast-Paced Arcade Adventure

Indie developer ‘Four Pixel Games’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of their incredibly popular ‘Dragon, Fly!’ endless runner to the iOS® app store! Having ranked up more than 10 million downloads across all versions on other platforms, this incredibly addictive side-scrolling adventure features a cute dragon pup ready for action!

Available as a FREE download utilizing unlockable in-app content, ‘Dragon, Fly!’ stars a recently hatched fire breathing dragon on a diamond-collecting mission full of challenging quests! Take to the skies and explore beautifully rendered distant realms in glorious 2D, and slide along the curvy hills by timing your touch with precision to build momentum! And keep an eye out for dragon mum as she is very unhappy her dragon pup has ventured off alone, and she will do anything in her power to bring you back!

Requiring strategy, skills and dexterity to master, this fast-paced endless runner features super simple one-touch controls and inspiring gameplay. Diamonds you collect can be exchanged in the games built-in shop offering potion upgrades giving advantages such as faster speed or improved stealth. And you can even double your points in ‘Fire Mode’ to truly rank up your score, and level-up to get a head-start from dragon mum.

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