DRAW SLASHER by Mass Creation – straight from PSVITA to test your droids!

Mass Creation, independent publisher and developer is proud to announce their acclaimed PSVITA game Draw Slasher is finally available for Android devices. Check out the best drawing action game for touchscreen devices on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Rather short ninja – Hanzo – heads for a quest to free his family, who were abducted by the Pirate Monkey Zombies™. You just need your finger to help them. Step into the amazing world of Ninjutsu and draw lines to jump, dash, dodge and slash.


• THE ONLY DRAWING BEAT ‘EM UP for touchscreen devices
• Truly unique controls: no virtual buttons – gameplay is purely about drawing
• Vivid, cartoon and hand drawn visuals, including multiple grotesque creatures
• Story Mode with animated cutscenes, Quick Time Events and a really cool voiceover
• Additional game modes: Endless Arcade (Survival and Gatekeeper) and Challenges for players seeking more demanding drawing/slashing experience
• Various opponents and challenging bosses
• … and dozens of subtle game and pop culture tributes

Cut, slice, snip, sever, chop, shear and trim hordes of Pirate Monkey Zombies™.

Title: DRAW SLASHER by Mass Creation
Developer: Mass Creation
Publisher: Mass Creation
Platform: Android 3.0+
Release Date: Feb 17th, 2015

Visit official game’s page for media resources: http://DrawSlasher.com

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