Dream Catchers is Ready to Marvel Kindle Fire Users Now, by G5 & Boon Troll

Get ready to be hypnotized by a stunning hidden object adventure, Dream Catchers: The Beginning, released on Kindle Fire today by G5 Entertainment and Boon Troll. Ever wanted to project yourself into someone else’s dream? Now you can! Download this charmer and start catching the dreams as they fly by.

When Mia was hired to teach at a girls’ boarding school, she managed to stay close with her family back home. She wrote regularly to them, but for the past few months, there have been no letters. Her concerned brother then set out to find out why – and things were odd from the start. While driving to the school, he noticed a dark shadow that seemed to be chasing his car until it careened off the road and down the hillside. And when he finally arrived, he discovered that an unknown disease had struck Mia, the students and other staff – they fell asleep one by one and haven’t woken up.

In the game, you Join Mia’s brother in his investigation of this alarming situation. You’ll have to search the premises for useful clues and hidden objects and resolve unbelievable tasks in both the real world and the dream world. Most importantly, you’ll have to wake Mia up and reveal the shocking truth about the Dream Catchers Order!

Dream Catchers: The Beginning provides hours of rich gaming experience. Lush scenery will carry you on a fantastic journey on the edge of dream and reality. Its storyline will absolutely engross you. And puzzling mini-games with tricky tasks will entertain you for a couple of evenings or help you pass time in the grocery store checkout line.
The game is developed by Boon Troll and published on Android by G5 Entertainment.
Key Features:
•77 head-spinning levels
•17 puzzling mini-games
•2 impressive worlds: dream and reality
•14 remarkable achievements
Dream Catchers: The Beginning is available for download on Kindle Fire today. Gamers can try the game for free and unlock the full version via in-app purchase for $2.99 through January 3rd, 2015 (reg. $4.99).

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