Drop That Candy Launch

From Greenfly Studios, the engaged super-duo Stephen Morris and Katie Young, comes ‘Drop That Candy!’ Help Gizmo, the adorable woodland creature, on his search for candy in this 2D physics puzzler for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Players will match and eat their way through an initial 60 delicious and engaging sweet puzzles.

Shortlisted as part of the Develop UK Indie Showcase, this highly anticipated game is no stranger to talent. With the extended team hailing from Disney, Sega and Nestle, players can expect sugary delights from this lovingly crafted casual puzzler.

Gizmo LOVES sweets but they are all trapped behind glittering vending machines. In this addictive puzzle game, players must connect and tap the delicious colored candy to feed Gizmo. As players complete each level in the least amount of moves, new worlds are unlocked with even more tricky hazards and new challenging gameplay elements.

First they travel to the Candy Store where they experience the matching mechanics as well as the electrifying exposed light bulbs. Next it’s onto the Space Museum where sweets fly through the air courtesy of exploding gobstoppers and multiple directions of gravity. Players then travel outwards to the Candy Station, where sweets can be held down by sticky toffees or scooted along by traveling escalators!

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