Dungeonbowl is back with the Knockout Edition!

The most popular variant of Blood Bowl is back in a new version, available now on Steam! With the arrival of the Knockout Edition, Dungeonbowl now gains an AI!

Two years ago Cyanide presented Dungeonbowl, a strategy game adapted from Blood Bowl, a board game by Games Workshop. Combining Warhammer’s wacky fantasy universe with American football, Dungeonbowl offers you the opportunity to play a bloody and tactical sport. Unlike Blood Bowl, Dungeonbowl allows teams to mix several races and matches are played in a dungeon that conceals a multitude of traps!

Dungeonbowl – Knockout Edition is available today on the Steam download platform, offering new features plus all previously released content.

Following numerous requests from the community, Cyanide has integrated an AI into the game so that, whenever they want, players can train against or compete against challenging opponents. You can thus challenge teams from each College of Magic with different levels of difficulty! You can choose to play offline or online against these virtual opponents in matches that will require your full attention in order to win. And yes, beware, they have been trained by the best coaches..!

Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition also contains all the DLC released since the first edition. All the Colleges of Magic are thus available, a total of 10 different teams compositions, mixing the most renowned Warhammer races! Not to mention the Star Players, who can strengthen your team at any time!

Moreover, you also gain access to all existing environment kits for use in the Dungeon Editor. They will allow you to build unique and varied environments so that you can lead your opponents into the meanders of your evil designs!
For players who have already bought an edition of Dungeonbowl, their version has been updated automatically so that they receive the Knockout Edition at no additional cost.

Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition is now available on Steam at a price of 14€99 with a special 33% OFF launch discount on the Cyanide Store.

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