Dunk’N Dash: White House Run. Special Election Price $0.99 (Video)

The mobile game U.S. Politicians DON’T want you to play!

The 2016 White House race isn’t over yet! A mobile game highlighting the political antics of our 2016 Presidential Election politicians is now available across iOS and Android devices. Hilarious voice-overs, caricatures of four “well-known” politicians, the Political Dunking Booth, and dynamic game levels (think maze/obstacle course hybrid) make this game fun, challenging, and certainly timely! DUNK a politician TODAY! You’ll simply feel better about the world.

Available now, White House Run, is the first game release of the planned Dunk’N DashÔ series by Miles Metal Media (M3). Utilizing their device’s accelerometer, players tilt their screens to control their game character. Players also toss objects at a moving target by using a one-finger flick motion. Each series is planned to be culturally relevant in content and poke good-natured fun at the state of human existence. Low-budget, low-res, lowbrow, and high-fun!

Available exclusively through app stores on iTunes and Google Play, NEW sale price of $0.99. ‘LITE’ versions are also available.