Eagle Fantasy Golf launches on iOS!

The golf tour gets more competitive as Eagle Fantasy Golf launches on iOS devices in United States, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. With its unique take on the sport, Eagle Fantasy Golf brings a fun and exciting golfing experience to iOS users.

About Eagle

Eagle Fantasy Golf is a fun free-to-play casual golf game you can play on the go for iOS and Android mobile devices. Controls are simple and easy to use even for beginners. Eagle integrates RPG and simulation elements with over 600 outfits and equipment that you can enhance. Customize your character and be as unique as you want to be.

Show off your skills and heat up the golf competition by joining solo or team matches. Glory and gold awaits those who achieve top ranking position in every event. Join PVP matches instantly with zero waiting time. Clear the courses to acquire new equipment such as golf clubs and outfits and earn gold to upgrade your equipment. Be the Golf Star you’ve always wanted to be.


Beginner Friendly – You don’t have to be a pro to master Eagle’s controls. Even players new to golf will find an experience that’s both thrilling and fun.

Avatar Customization – Collect, mix and match over 600 outfits including swimsuits, fantasy apparels and unique costumes from the wild to the stylish.

Pick Up and Go – Matches are short and fun. Waiting in line at the bus stop? Need something to do while waiting for your appointment? Eagle’s easy gameplay lends itself well for short gameplay sessions.


Item Drop Event – Get a special 3-star equipment reward when playing a course during the event period.

Solo Match Event – Compete with other golfers during the Solo Match Event. Win as many matches as you can to reach the top of the global rankings

CP Giveaway Event – Charge Points will be given away daily to new users during the event. Visit the item shop and update your wardrobe.