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Embark On A Journey To The End Of The World In ‘Hero Of The Kingdom II’ Now Available On PC via Steam

Independent games developer and publisher Lonely Troops is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their seventh game, Hero Of The Kingdom II, the sequel to their popular adventure-RPG originally released in 2012.

Launch trailer: http://youtu.be/LxG4RxCcB3E

Life is good in the beginning of Hero Of The Kingdom II as you and your sister have settled down and found a safe haven in a small fishing village enjoying the quiet life. However, nothing lasts forever and rumors of pillaging pirates roaming the coast have spread across the kingdom. Suddenly, your life of bliss turns to chaos as your sister ends up kidnapped and taken away by pirates to unknown lands. Facing an uncertain future and perilous dangers ahead, you embark on a journey to bring her back. Your task is to travel to unknown ends of the world gathering clues, helping people and fulfilling quests, in addition to learning valuable skills and discovering the use of hundreds of items. The destiny of your sister depends on your actions, and it is your objective to bring her home, safely, and preferably in one piece!

Hero Of The Kingdom II is a continuation of the successful adventure-RPG with enhanced graphics, immersive gameplay and a new pirate-themed storyline to boot. Adventure to the farthest of islands to rescue your sister and with a little bit of luck and a lot of skill, rescue the kingdom as well. Offering the very best of resource management and strategy the game offers a great story, beautiful graphics, dangerous lands to explore, 48 achievements to collect, and many useful skills to learn such as fishing, hunting and gathering. By completing a series of quests, you learn valuable information about the whereabouts of your sister, and by offering help to other characters in the game, clues of importance will be uncovered.

Lead on adventurer!

Hero Of The Kingdom II is available on Steam™ from here:

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