THE EMPTINESS: Psycho-Philosophical Quest

Hooligans Entertainment is proud to announce the release of The Emptiness: Psycho-Philosophical Quest. The Emptiness combines survival horror and hidden object gaming for a unique and terrifying puzzle experience.

What’s The Game?

Transpiring in a single location that expands as you solve tasks provided by two souls, one good and one bad. To open all of the doors in the house and escape, it’s essential to find the symbols and other clues while attempting to ignore the nasty spirits and haunting visions frequently flaring into sight. Remember, your personal choices and preferences affect every step in the course and deviations from previous decisions will result in different endings.


• A unique and thrilling psychological hidden object quest.
• A dark and brooding atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
• Live actors and professional voiceover for the ultimate story presentation.
• Multiple ways to solve the mind-bending puzzles thrown in your path.
• Two difficulty modes for the perfect level of challenge.
• Multiple game endings. How will your story end?
The Emptiness is available now on The AppStore for iPhone and iPad devices for $4.99

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