Everlove: Rose Transforms Romance Genre With A Story That Takes Shape Under Your Fingertips

According to the Romance Writers of America more than 74 million people read romance novels each year, with women accounting for 91% of this massive audience. Silicon Sisters, a developer of video games for women, is bringing this well-loved genre to life in a tantalizing new way with Everlove: Rose, an interactive romance novel for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, and other Android and Apple devices.

Everlove: Rose merges the escapism of curling up with a steamy paperback with the engagement of personal choice. Rose, a career woman struggling to understand her hang-ups with men, has turned to past-life regression to gain insight into her personality. Under hypnosis she’s transported to the medieval village of Heart’s Home, where she soon discovers that she has chemistry with several of the handsome locals. By exploring her attractions to each of them, Rose begins to move past the obstacles that have been keeping her from finding true love, with a little help from her unflappable therapist, Dr. Alys.

Everlove: Rose sits firmly within the genre conventions of a romance novel, with an interactive twist. Unlike with a traditional, linear story, Everlove’s readers drive Rose’s romantic journey by deciding what to say and which love interest to pursue. A branching storyline and a variety of possible endings reflect these choices, essentially putting each reader at the helm of her own fantasy. Throughout, beautifully rendered graphics and an intuitive touch interface complement and enhance the provocative narrative, offering readers deeper immersion and a more personal connection than a standard print book or ebook.

“Everlove: Rose brings romance to life. Games have that power,” says Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, Silicon Sisters’ CEO and co-founder. “For many men, playing sports games is a way to live out a fantasy – they get to score the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. Everlove: Rose provides that same fulfillment for women who enjoy romance novels. You get to shape the narrative based on which romantic path you explore, creating a love story of your own choosing. With the help of some very handsome medieval hotties!”

Everlove: Rose is available for download from the Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and the Apple App Store for $3.99 (full version) or free (demo portion with a $3.99 in-app purchase to unlock the full story).

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