Everyday Spelunker is Now Available for Android Devices

Tozai Games announced today that Spelunker®, the fiendishly challenging classic platformer, is now available worldwide on Google Play for Android devices as Everyday Spelunker after its initial debut on iOS. Fondly remembered for its exacting controls and ridiculous number of ways to die, the original title has become a cult phenomenon, particularly in Japan, inspiring musical tributes, toys, comics, and even sports slang. Everyday Spelunker remains faithful to this legacy by providing an authentic Spelunker experience specifically tailored to mobile devices.

A skillful recreation of the NES original, Everyday Spelunker has added several helpful features to ensure that the series’ classic magic remains intact with the touchscreen interface. For example, the new “rope assist” feature that ensures no slippage on those pesky ropes, and “endless continues” which may provide some relief to determined explorers.

Two mobile-exclusive “Episodes” have also been implemented as optional downloadable content in Everyday Spelunker. For those who can’t get enough of the game’s exciting, cave-dwelling madness, these include the brand new Episode 2: Deep into Another Mine and Episode 3: New Challenges, with the potential for future installments.

“When I served as executive producer on the NES game, we had no idea that Spelunker would begin such a phenomenon. It is a pleasant surprise, even to this day,” says Scott Tsumura, Tozai’s co-founder. “For a character who dies so easily, his notoriety has endured for three decades now, and he continues to gain new fans. We are excited to bring Spelunker to contemporary mobile platforms such as Android.”

Everyday Spelunker is now available for $3.99 on Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.tozaigames.everydayspelunker, with Episode 2: Deep into Another Mine and Episode 3: New Challenges for $0.99 each. Please visit www.everydayspelunker.com for more information. An iOS version is also available in the App Store.

Key features:
•Four colossal caves to explore in the Main Game
•Dynamite-blasting, flare-launching, cart-riding, quicksand-evading fun
•New “rope assist” feature assures no-slip grip on ropes
•New “endless continues” feature may allow players to complete the game for the very first time
•Supports Google Play Game Services leaderboards and achievements
•Episode 2: Deep into Another Mine and Episode 3: New Challenges are available as in-app purchases
•Includes wallpaper and sound options

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