Evochron Mercenary 2.288 Update Available

Evochron Mercenary version 2.288 is now available for download. As usual, the installer can also be used to update older versions of the game. It can be downloaded here:


This update includes the following improvements:

– Improved rendering performance for most systems.
– Mod placement options added for text chat/message log.
– Improved activation performance for the dynamic cube mapping system for planetary water (eliminating the 0.5-1 second pause on planetary descents).
– New loading mechanism applied to planet meshes and city meshes to better support systems with limited/restricted hard drive performance/functionality (ie file error 105).
– Fix for loading issue causing stored custom weapons in hangars to have removed stats.
– Updated collision system for planetary terrain to reduce overall memory use.
– Training mode can now be completed using profiles saved in other systems.
– Adjusted click ranges in configure controls menus.
– Improved lens flare masking for capital ships.
– Several minor bug fixes.

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