Ex-Halfbrick Designer Turned Solo Developer Reveals Release Date & Trailer for ‘Puzzlepops!’ (Video)

Former Halfbrick Game Designer Layton Hawkes announces the May 12 release of his first solo title ‘Puzzlepops!’

‘Puzzlepops!’ is a minimalist puzzle game of lollipops and logic. Slide pieces of candy along lollipop sticks and combine them to complete each Pop! Plan your moves carefully and use devious contraptions to freeze, melt, squash and swap candy.

SOLVE challenging and varied puzzles by building weird and wacky lollipops.

DISCOVER different contraptions and confectionery that will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test.

UNLOCK puzzle sets and progress from Trainee to Sweet Savant.

“I have a love for classic logic puzzles, and with ‘Puzzlepops!’ I was able to give something back to the genre,” explained Layton Hawkes “if you like logic puzzles this is a game for you.”

“Don’t be fooled by the theme, you’re going to need your wits to solve all the puzzles. These levels are no child’s play!”

Be on the lookout for this quirky puzzle game that mixes a traditional sliding puzzle with the art of candy-making when it launches on the App Store May 12, 2016.