Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders Now Available Through Google Play

Today Smilegate Inc., a leading game developer in Asia, will begin a new chapter overseas and they will bring a wealth of experience in the free to play market. Smilegate is the developer of the FPS phenomenon in Asia, CrossFire – noted by Forbes as one of the top grossing free-to-play game globally with an annual revenue of over $957 Million. With the company’s success from their business online, Smilegate looks forward to the future and has its eyes currently set on the western mobile market.

Smilegate’s first step in this venture is the introduction of their North American Division, Smilegate West. Their goal is simple: to bring unique mobile gaming experiences to western audiences. The company believes that their first game, Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders, will do just that. Market tested since Q2 of 2013, Faraway Kingdom’s charming visuals and intuitive, yet strategic, combat caught the attention of North American testers. The title soon became the front runner during Smilegate’s rigorous US focus testing. Since then, the game has been in re-development for over a year, being fine-tuned for North American players.

After a successful launch on both the Apple App Store and the Amazon App Store last month, Smilegate West is proud to invite Android players to explore the mesmerising fantasy world of Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders. Players can expect an experience full of monsters, dungeons and most importantly, countless heroes all ready to set out for adventure.
In Faraway Kingdom, the Notorious Red Dragon has demolished the kingdom and players are tasked with restoring it to its former glory. Dragon Raiders blends elements of a mid-core RPG with character simulation to provide a unique experience never before seen on western mobile devices. Players are able to collect a wide variety of heroes and embark on countless raids. While overseeing battles, players will have to strategically use skills and manage resources in real time to lead their party to victory.

Players’ duties do not end on the battlefield however. Here is a taste of what users can expect on their journey:
· Take Control of Your Kingdom: Upgrade your keep with a selection of 27 different styled homes. Tailor it to your residents’ tastes and attract other players’ heroes to your keep.
· Build A Collection of Heroes: Recruit countless warriors, mages and priests to your kingdom. Customize their appearances and stats with the loot collected from your battles.
· Go On Epic Raids: Build a party of heroes, travel to different lands and battle a variety of creatures. Coordinate attacks with the game’s frantic active battle system.
· Discover A Variety of Dungeons: Send your heroes underground and explore dungeons, battle monsters and collection treasure. Even when you’re on raids or away from the game, their adventures continue.
· Connect With Other Players: Recruit friends during raids, request additional support or even compete by comparing game progress. The Notorious Red Dragon may be fierce, but together you’ll be able to take him on.
Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders is now available for free on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store. Players can enhance their adventure by following the game on Facebook and Reddit. Players can stay up to date with the latest updates, events and often receive exclusive items.

Faraway Kingdom Official Microsite: www.playfarawaykingdom.com
Faraway Kingdom Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/FarawayFacebook
Faraway Kingdom Official Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/farawaykingdom

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