In Fear I Trust creeps onto PC (Video)

1C is excited that In Fear I Trust has been released for PC . This critically acclaimed first-person puzzle adventure and story-driven psychological thriller already made a successful debut on mobile platforms (iOS, Android), and is now available for Windows via SteamTM and other digital distribution services.

In Fear I Trust draws players into a suspenseful story set in 1980s Russia, where they will be uncovering the truth behind a secret soviet experiment. The adventure stretches over four episodes that can be acquired one by one or altogether in a digital bundle.

About the game

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I wanted a better life for my family and it was only a signature away. The ‘doctors’ told me the contract was just a formality. And now, locked up in this dark reeking cell, that’s really the only thing I remember…”

In Fear I Trust is a first-person psychological thriller that puts you in the role of Nikolay, now known as Patient #17, who one day wakes up in a small reeking cell. Suffering from severe memory loss and with a relentless urge to escape, your steps will lead you through an abandoned, decaying facility deep in the heart of Soviet Russia. Encountering many obstacles along the way, you’ll need to solve elaborate puzzles in order to obtain key items and documents, diaries and notes that will shed at least a faint streak of light on the dark mystery surrounding the whole ‘science’ experiment that got you here in the first place…

Using your special Retrospective Vision, look beyond the fabric of the physical world to uncover glimpses of the past, revealing important hints and clues. But even with this unique ability, the road to recovering your memory and re-discovering your own identity will be long and grim…

– Critically acclaimed psychological thriller powered by the Unreal Engine
– Fully voice-acted narrative
– Use Retrospective Vision to reveal hidden clues and solve puzzles
– Explore eerie locations and uncover the secrets behind a classified soviet experiment