Fitness Boxing on Nintendo Switch

The Fitness Boxing game on the Nintendo Switch system is available in stores, so you can treat yourself to a fun workout wherever you want! The game’s rhythm-based boxing exercises will help you accomplish those New Year’s fitness resolutions in no time.

Thanks to Nintendo Switch, Fitness Boxing is a new way to work out that fits anyone’s busy lifestyle. Since Nintendo Switch can be played at home on the TV or taken on the go, you can play Fitness Boxing anywhere you like, whether working out in the room while the baby is napping, in a hotel room on a business trip, in the kitchen while dinner cooks or in your room before bed. It’s easier and more convenient than hitting the gym and is the perfect way to jump into the boxing fitness trend.

The game offers personalized rhythmic workouts by letting you select different fitness goals, choose from a diverse group of trainers and make a personalized daily workout ranging from 10 minutes (short), to 30 minutes (mid), to 45 minutes (long). The software will track your progress with estimated approximate BMI and calories-burned information to help encourage healthy habits and keep you progressing to your goals.

Now you’ll be able to master your boxing basics while getting down to instrumental versions of 20 hit songs from popular artists. As you progress, you can earn more songs and more challenging training circuits.

With two Joy-Con controllers or two sets of Joy-Con (sold separately), you can share the experience with a friend or family member in two-player local play. You can choose to work out together, try to string together chains of moves or face off in a virtual boxing ring for some competitive fun. And with the power of Nintendo Switch, you can play anytime, anywhere.