Game Insight Launches Legacy of Transylvania for iPad

Game Insight, a global leader in mobile/social games, has announced the launch of an all-new, free-to-play mobile game, Legacy of Transylvania for iPad. Legacy of Transylvania is the latest hidden object game from the creator of Game Insight’s worldwide hit, Mystery Manor, which has more than 31 million users worldwide.

Legacy of Transylvania is a new adventure game that offers challenging hidden-object puzzles against the dark and mysterious backdrop of an ancient Transylvanian castle. Players will unlock each chamber of the castle, as well as new sections of the castle grounds, room by room with each challenge, using an array of powerful hint items to speed their progress.

In Legacy of Transylvania, players take the role of inheritor of a massive castle in Transylvania—the traditional home of Count Dracula himself. They arrive to find their holdings in disarray, and their castle inhabited by gargoyles, trolls, ghosts, and even ancient vampires. Only by meeting with the manor’s unique inhabitants, conquering hundreds of quests, and collecting more than 100 rare items can players set aright an ages-old wrong and claim their birthright as the true heir of the estate.

Legacy of Transylvania is available now in the App Store for iPad. Download the game for free and explore this exciting new adventure now!

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