Gamers Plunge Into A World Of Imagination With FunDreams Now Available On iOS®

FunDreams now available on the iOS® app store as a FREE digital download offers players a unique opportunity to plunge into a weird and wonderful world of imagination. In this simplistic, yet highly addictive action game, your task is to achieve the highest possible score by taking control of a growing tree grabbing items by use of tentacles!

To score points in FunDreams you use tentacles to eat different colored items floating around on the screen while avoiding the baddies. Combos give extra points and different types of items offers different values of scores. The longer you last, the taller your tree becomes, and if you are good enough, your tree grows all the way to the top and into the skies – ultimately winning the game. This game is hard. Very hard! Featuring a dream-like inspired theme, cute graphics, compelling gameplay and fun entertainment, this game is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels.

FunDreams is available on the iOS® app store from here:

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