Microïds Games for All announces the release of ” Garfield Kart ,” a crazy racing game centered in the universe of the world’s most famous cat, Garfield, available now on iOS, Android, and soon on PC and Mac.

Today, Garfield and his friends arrive in a colorful multiplayer racing game, inspired by his world of crazy characters and situations. Eight of the series symbolic characters can join the race: Jon, Nermal, Liz, Odie…and of course, Garfield. The claws come out when it’s time to race, and there are many ways to win with sixteen circuits available, and many possible means to finish first.
On the track, several bonuses are available (8 different bonuses) and have to be picked up in order to get rid of the other pilots, or to protect themselves from them. Throw pies to stop the opponents, use the lasagna booster to drive faster or a spring to reach some hidden passages: everything must be used between two skids to finish first.

The players can select a pilot and a kart according to their driving style. Each of the eight protagonists and the eight karts own specific features: acceleration, maximum speed and vehicle maneuverability. Accessories are also available to custom pilots and vehicles. Many combinations are possible!

The hats and helmets bring special abilities to the pilots, such as the chef’s hat that increases the speed of the pies that are thrown at the opponents. The spoilers make it possible to modify the kart’s features. At the beginning of the race, different Boosts must be chosen. The Boosts bring significant advantages to steal the victory from the opponents (faster start, two trials to win the race,…). It is up to the player to make the right choices to get ready before the beginning of the race.

” Garfield Kart ” includes four different game modes according to the desired type of challenge. The “Single Race” mode, perfect for a quick game, the “Grand Prix” mode to race on the sixteen circuits, the “Time Trial” where the goal is to reach the reference time and the “Challenge of the Day” which proposes a challenge every day (for instance, beat a given opponent).
” Garfield Kart ” is available since November 7 on iOS and Android in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and soon on PC and Mac.
Who is Garfield?

Meet Garfield, the creation of cartoonist Jim Davis. Garfield eats, sleeps, hates Mondays, loves lasagna, won’t give up the remote control, and has a wisecrack for every occasion. For a cat, he’s as human as it gets. The quick-witted cat, who celebrated 35 years in the entertainment business this year, amuses over 220 million people every day thru his comic strip, TV show, movies, website, and social media pages. Garfield’s daily antics include his kind but clueless owner, Jon, doggy pal, lovable but brainless as a brick, Odie, and Nermal, the world’s cutest kitten (Garfield hates cute!)

Key figures:
· Born on the comic’s pages in 1978, his strip grew to be the most widely syndicated comic in the world; over 220 million readers follow his adventures every day.
· Garfield has a presence through newspapers, TV, and licensing in 131 countries.
· Over 11 million fans “like” Garfield on Facebook
· Bagherra Publishing was released some 91 comic books and Dargaud has the exclusive rights on the Series 2 — 2 comic books are published each year. Worldwide, over 135 million books have been sold.

” Garfield Kart ” (PC and Mac)
available in November

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