Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs

One of the most iconic fantasy artists of the 80s and 90s returns to gamebooks, as Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs arrives, exclusively as an interactive gamebook app on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore today.

Gary Chalk, along with Joe Dever, was behind one of the most beloved gamebook series, Lone Wolf, and his unique style of artwork for the early books captured the imagination of young gamebook readers throughout the world. Now Gary illustrates a brand new gamebook series for generations old and new, joining forces with Greywood Publishing and Tin Man Games.

Jamie Wallis, writer of Gun Dogs and owner of Greywood Publishing said, “I can’t begin to express what a pleasure, and indeed honour, it has been working with Gary. There are so few artists that still use pencil and paper as a medium; it adds heart to the illustrations and I couldn’t wait to see the new pieces as they arrived.”

Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs is an interactive story in which the reader chooses the narrative path. You are a Gun Dog – an expendable soldier in a fantasy land assigned to impossible missions and tethered by a magical collar. The collar will choke you to death if mission orders are disobeyed. As the Gun Dog, you are sent where an army cannot go and an angel would fear to tread!

“Jamie has done a brilliant job of turning my vague ideas for the setting into a really exciting gamebook. I presented him with a map of the area that was largely empty, a story that consisted solely of a beginning and an end and a rather confused collection of characters. He has woven all of this into the text of an epic wilderness adventure the size of a continent!” said Gary.

With animated page-turning, dynamic links, achievements, a changing world map, an automated inventory and physics-based 3D dice, Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs uses Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed gamebook engine previously used on their Gamebook Adventures and Fighting Fantasy apps.

Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs is now available to download from the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. It costs $3.99/£2.49/ 3,59 € for a limited period.

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