Geek Resort lands on the App Store! w00t!

Geeks of all species and planets, brush up on your binary and your Klingon! AMA and Shinypix are thrilled to present Geek Resort for iOS! The first game entirely based on geek culture has arrived in the Apple Store!

Construct and enhance your attractions to build the best park possible, but be careful, “with great power comes great responsibility”! Manage your income and expenditure, hire staff, maintain your attractions and keep your park clean; because geeks have high standards!

In this tycoon game, you can fully customize your park; choose attractions and decorations, and why not put in some animated tiles? Discover cosplaying geeks; the more themes your park includes, the more original their costumes will be! Invite your friends, give Geek Smiles and climb the leaderboard via social features.

With 5 themes included at game launch: comics, manga, technology, sci-fi and fantasy, Geek Resort will benefit from frequent updates: new themes, buildings, decorations and new geeks!

Red pill or blue pill?! Enter the Geek Resort matrix!

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