The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition

The ultimate golf experience!
Create and share gorgeous, custom-created courses online! The Golf Club Collector’s Edition features the finely detailed “Greg Norman Course Designer” and new Season Mode to take you though five tour levels as you advance in your career. Courses can be shared across platforms, and played with friends who have the same system at home in multiplayer. Compete in full tournaments and shave strokes off our handicap with intensely calculated swings. Zero loading times between holes. Also features an exclusive Collectible e-Book.

“Greg Norman Course Designer”
The Golf Club Collector’s Edition allows players to get creative with designing their own golf courses. The “Greg Norman Course Designer” features a detailed library filled with numerous structures, landmarks, animals and more, which players can choose from to create the courses of their dreams! Whether traditional, challenging, or just plain wild, players have the freedom to place any number of items wherever they wish, then publish and share their creations within a vast online community.

Greg Norman Course Designer – anyone can create the course they want to play, then share across platforms for a competitive multiplayer experience with friends Online
Content – a growing community for players to continue to improve their game and build their own courses and get them handicap rated for official tournaments
Shot Modification – whether needing to hit a high fade or a punch it low, shot modification has your back where you can adjust to fit the need of any lie
Open Course play – Slice, hook, and Shank your way into any lie on any hole with no restrictions as to where the ball can go
Play in the Cloud – no loading time between shots or holes; finish a round in under 30 min

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