Gridlock Available on PC & Mac

Gridlock, the abstract geometry shooter simulator created by Ludometrics, is now available on PC & Mac directly from the Ludometrics website or via Desura. The game harkens back to a time when games were about beating your own high-score and also about shooting abstract shapes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Gridlock sees the player take control of four gun emplacements, which can only move around the edge of a fixed grid. In the middle of the grid, a variety of abstract yet lethal geometric shapes emerge which will destroy the player’s turrets. Unless, of course, the player can shoot the shapes first.

The game costs $1.99, and is available now for PC, Mac, OUYA & GameStick.

About Ludometrics

Ludometrics® makes games, toys and playthings you might like. We don’t focus on any particular platform or genre, but we do focus on creating games we like to play on platforms we like to play on. We certainly hope you’ll have fun playing the games we create.

Ludometrics was founded on May 20, 2010 (which also happens to be World Metrology Day), and is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

More information about Ludometrics can be found on the internet at

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