Groovy Vive game, Cosmic Trip Brings RTS into Room-Scale VR 9 (Video)

The funky friends at Funktronic Labs are excited to announce their VR-native first-person real-time strategy game, Cosmic Trip will be available on Steam Early Access!

In Cosmic Trip, you are placed on an alien planet, where you build structures, harvest resources and build your army of cosmobots to defend your base and launch assaults on the enemy. Ancient alien pylons on the planet form a network of base nodes for you to capture and push back the alien enemy forces in this intergalactic tug-of-war.

“Our goal is to bring a new and exciting experience to the RTS genre. This kind of experience has only recently become possible with the evolution of VR technology and hardware like the HTC Vive.” Said, Eddie Lee, Co-Founder and Programmer at Funktronic Labs. “Playing games in VR is a hugely unique and personal experience, so having everyone share us their thoughts and feedback will help guide our development during our time in Early Access.”


· Native VR room-scale RTS gameplay. Motion-controlled with HTC Vive controllers.
· Strategically deploy your cosmobot forces to combat and to capture territories
· Equip futuristic VR weapons
· Manage and optimize your resource supply-line with harvesting cosmobots
· Build defensive structures and turrets to fortify your bases
· Gnarly tunes and groovy vibes