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Veteran Independent Game Developer HappyGiant, announce the launch of their new free-to-play cross-platform conspiracy action game “Ninja Time Pirates”, now live on the iOS store and Steam Greenlight.

The battle for Earth’s future, will be fought in it’s past!

Uncover an epic plot spanning back to World War 2 involving Time Travel, The Philadelphia Experiment, Roswell, The Great Pyramids, Easter Island, Project Montauk, Men in Black, Aliens, Nikola Tesla and every other conspiracy theory under the sun. Travel throughout history as you activate the Time Guardians, famous historical figures called into battle for Earth’s future, and form the “Ninja Time Pirates.” Fight alongside George Washington, Ben Franklin, Blackbeard, Cleopatra, Shaka Zulu and more – against aliens from another universe. Stop them from “Time-Forming” Earth and changing it’s past to alter it’s future!

‘Ninja Time Pirates’ reveals secrets that have been kept for centuries … this is the game your government doesn’t want you to play!” said Michael Levine, HappyGiant Founder and Lead Designer.

Levine did extensive research into the story and science behind the game. He met with and studied the work of Ron Mallett, a leading theoretical physicist studying the real possibility of time travel.

“We took the science of time travel very seriously in it, at least in the theoretical sense. In theory, this game could really happen, or already did!”

Key features:
· Action RPG/Squad based shooter – Select your team from a number of famous historical characters, with super powers and crazy futuristic weapons. Collect and play as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Cleopatra, Erik the Red, Nostradamus, and many, many more.
· Multiple Environments – Travel through time from Colonial New England, to Ancient Egypt, to the Viking era, to the Philadelphia Experiment, Roswell and more – all in real-time 3D.
· Multiple Gameplay Objectives – Each Mission has different objectives to complete including capture, destruction and stealth.
· Weapons – Unlock and purchase from a plethora of awesome weapons, including the devastating Plasma Blaster, crushing Gatlin Gun, and the savage Shurikenator. Also side arms such as “Time Bombs”, “Gravitizers”, “Minimizers,” and an assortment of vehicles like Alien Hover Tanks, Jeeps, UFOs and more.
· Special Powers – Each famous “Time Guardian” comes with a Special Power – Ben Franklin’s “Kite’ning”, or George Washington’s “Cherry Bomb” or Ninja Retro’s “Black Hole in One”, which sucks enemies into oblivion.
· Multiplayer Time Raids (in beta) – Create your own “Time Camp”. Defend and Raid other players Camps.

Come play Ninja Time Pirates at PAX EAST Booth # 1035 and win cool stuff!

Website: http://www.ninjatimepirates.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NinjaTimePirates
Twitter: #ninjatimepirate
Youtube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF5ldaKhlDM

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