Healer Quest

Title : Healer Quest

Developer : Rablo Games (solo project by Pablo Coma)

Platform : iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8

Release : february 2015

Type : Healer-RPG

Languages : English, French

State of development : the game is finished, currently beta testing & submitting to the stores

Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9iQ3MYn5hc

Website : http://rablogames.com/healer-quest/

Original Soundtrack : https://rablogames.bandcamp.com/

Healer Quest is best described as a Healer-RPG. It tells the story of a young boy (the only controlable character) who found a magical wand which gives him awesome healing powers. Choose carefully 4 spells among the 18 available, then try your best to heal/boost your 4 crazy allies while they are fighting the monsters. Try to make it so that they use their special attacks, each of them is triggered in a different situation. Your goal is to keep your allies alive long enough to allow them to defeat the monsters.

Healer Quest features a one of a kind parodic scenario, which constantly breaks the 4th wall. Watching the trailer is probably the best way to get a quick grasp of the game’s atmosphere.

For more detailed informations about the game, visit our press kit page : http://rablogames.com/HQpresskit/

Features :

Unique and warm graphical style (digital painting)

Orchestral melodic music

100 levels

18 different unlockable spells

19 different enemies

14 bosses, from mid-boss to super-secret-boss

17 levels playable for free

$2.49 : the price for unlocking the full game

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