“HERALD” – An interactive period drama about authority, prejudice and colonialism.

Announcement trailer: http://youtu.be/-LRR2KXRs3w

Dutch indie studio Wispfire announces Herald: a choice-driven adventure game coming for PC, Mac and Linux in 2015.

· Inspired by the gameplay from The Walking Dead and other interactive dramas, Herald plays as a mix between a story-driven adventure game and a visual novel: an interactive period drama about the 19th century.

· You are Devan Rensburg, a man struggling with his mixed-heritage: born in an Eastern colony, but raised in a dominant Western empire.

· Having booked a passage and started working on board The Herald, a ship sailing towards the Eastern Colonies, you are tasked to look after and interact with a diverse cast of opinionated passengers and crew.

· The Herald is a microcosm of 19th century society: As you scrub the decks, raise sails and assist passengers with their trivial issues you are quickly reminded you have neither the appearance of a pure western imperial nor the upbringing and background of a true native colonial.

· Herald is a game that lets players explore 19th century colonialism and prejudice by showing, through choice and interactive dialogue, both the strengths and futilities of siding with or rebelling against authority. Who are you? Who are your people? What makes you responsible for them?

Watch our trailer: http://youtu.be/-LRR2KXRs3w
Scroll through the site: http://heraldgame.com/

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