Hoba Wars – Android Arcade

Endless tapping action to defend, survive and score high.
Inspired by Whac’A Mole, Hoba Wars got rid of the moles and added lots of other stuff instead.
Starting with 30 seconds left you gain more time by beating evil Hobas and loose some if Green Hobas are hit.
Unfortunately, there are this never ending drones trying to kill them all.
Use your Powerbombs to freeze time, multiply your multiplier or to just add some important seconds to survive.
The bossfight is optional and can be started to win the Hoba Wars anytime,
though the boss weakens and scores more the longer you play.
Log into Google Play and Facebook to invite friends, unlock achievements and post your score to the public and social leaderboards.

Completely free to win!
Hoba Wars has one In-App to turn off advertising.

And here some links

Homepage: www.yoojos.com/hoba-wars
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_3vaisZ0fY

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