Get ‘Hooked on Bass fishing’ the latest game from Mechanic Arms and Gamebridge.

Out now on Nintendo eShop for North America and Europe.

Gamebridge and Mechanic Arms are pleased to announce their DSi and 3DS compatible fishing game.

Blending a cute Japanese aesthetic with the best of fishing gameplay.

Aim for the largest catch you can by battling a variety of fish with your trusty stylus.
Land your sinker on perfects spots to complete an array of challenges that will keep you coming back for more.
Head to the tackle shop to upgrade your equipment and choose from different rods, lines and reels to make your task easier.

Can you catch them all?
Get all the hidden fish and let the soothing sounds and colours brighten your day!
All for the low price of 4.99 / 500 Points – let’s fish!

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