Human Extinction Simulator available to Pre-Order

Machine 22 has announced that its next game, “Human Extinction Simulator”, is now available to pre-order from the game’s official website (

Facing overwhelming odds in a direct military conflict against the Navassian extraterrestrial species, Earth’s leaders released to the public the Halting Extraterrestrials Strategy program in a desperate effort to maximize humanity’s chances of survival. The simulator presents likely space combat encounters based upon observed Navassian tactical data from previous engagements. In a matter of days the program became known as the Human Extinction Simulator due to the extensive and often catastrophic scenarios depicted.

“Easy to learn but difficult to master”, these are the words that guided the development of Human Extinction Simulator. Seconds after launching the game, you are immediately able to conduct covert operations or engage in large-scale space battles. The turn-based, no AI cheating and deterministic nature of the game put all the weight of saving humanity on your shoulders. This time there’s no counting on luck to overcome this challenge.

Pre-ordering the “player deal” gives immediate access to the latest beta version of the game, a DRM-free copy on release and a free Steam key once the game completes the Greenlight process ( An additional Steam key can be obtained at a discounted price by pre-ordering the “supporter deal”. Human Extinction Simulator is set to be release in the first quarter of 2015.

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