Impossible Draw

Draw is an ancient skill, which everyone can achieve at a minimum level. You don’t have to be pro to simply do it. Just imagine that You’re making a boring phone call, and try to pass time by scratching the paper with unrecognizable symbols. Sounds easy and a bit subliminal right? But what if we put this idea in a medium, where the feeling of a cyber space, with pure electro music hides a game where drawing meets sharp reflex actions? You’ll get Impossible Draw!

From the first second to the last, Impossible Draw is all about making quick decisions, using Your finger by trying to draw the proper symbol. In the different game modes the gameplay gets heavier and the environment starts to revive. This setting throws the player off from balance, and makes him to concentrate more, to get an exciting challenge. With the audiovisual presentation makes Impossible Draw a tranquilizing trip into cyberspace!

The game offers no less but:

– hundreds of challenges,
– 3 themes,
– 4 game modes,
– 7 audio tracks,
– 5 special effects,
– Game Center support,
– and absolutely no violence!

Impossible Draw is playable for FREE. Even though optional upgrades makes it more vivid, it can be enjoyed on it’s basic free form for hours.

Once you get the hang of it, Impossible Draw is impossible to put down!

Release date:
20th November, 2014

– iOS (at launch)
– Android, Kindle (later this year)

Developed by isTom Games

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