“In Her Mind” is a mysterious adventure game (Video)

“In Her Mind” is a mysterious adventure game full of comedy and action. The original story written for this game will unfold with the real-time animation and complete dubbing.

The game begins with a mysterious scene and music like a movie.
One morning, the main character wakes up to find him lying on a bed in a strange house. And his figure has become that of a young lady.
While he is wandering around the room trying to escape from the house, Special Forces intrude suddenly. He has to escape from shooting. When he barely escapes with his life to reach the front door, he finds it is locked, seeing the gun muzzle pointed to him. He thinks “All is over,” when he is saved by a lady looking just like him…

Even if you don’t do anything after the game has started, the story continues to this point like a movie. At this time, however, the game is over. He cannot escape from the house and loses his life.
The movie that looked like a demo scene was actually a game screen.

For example, if you tap the alarm clock in the early stage, the main character cannot wake up so he loses his life. All of a sudden the game is over. However, you can get a hint that the main character has an ability to “retry” even if he loses his life in the game.
If you tap the window just after the game has started, suddenly an airplane crushes into the house through the window. Again he realizes that he has a special ability in exchange for his life.

This is an adventure game, where you find important hints weaved in the movie, and step in the movie by tapping them.

Several folds of hits are weaved in the story, game over, view seen from the window, and so on. Escaping from the house, he is taken to the rocket launch site by a member of an organization. And he has come to the earth, which is amazing.

This game was created by Takafumi Fukamachi of marchEnterprise, LLC, who has various unique experiences – working for a group company of Nintendo as a game programmer, working for Tokyo Disney Resort as an attraction cast, also an actor in Japanese TV dramas. In a variety of entertainment world, he has enjoyed many customers, and as a first Indie developer from Japan, he has developed this game from planning, making story, programming, and designing all by himself.

English native speakers dubbed the main character, President and young lady, which are very important for this story.