Ghostbox and Right Pedal Studios have joined forces with Smartions to exclusively launch Dragon Season in China. The game debuts in a 3 day premier on the Wandoujia network, one of China’s largest and most trusted names in the mobile space.

In Dragon Season, players traverse a colorful world as Nook, a little red dragon. Nook’s friends include a King, a Yeti and a Cow and each have quests for him to do. Completing these quests let’s Nook upgrade his fire-breathing abilities.

Ghostbox and Right Pedal always saw China as a key market which led to a partnership with Smartions. Smartions handled the implementation of the complex payment systems and social features for the Chinese market, while also localizing and culturalizing the game.

“Creating a game with universal appeal was always a key goal for us with Dragon Season”, said Dom Drysdale, co-founder of Ghostbox. “No matter what language you speak or culture you’re from, it seems like everybody has a bit of a soft spot for a little red dragon”.

“Through our game teams in Europe and China, we deal with the challenges on behalf of our partners and take care of China market entry strategy as well as mobile game adaptation and publishing to ensure that the games Smartions China release are positioned for success in the world’s largest mobile market. We were very pleased to have been able to work so closely with Ghostbox and Right Pedal Studios on the China launch of Dragon Season.” said Patrick Wheeler, CEO of Smartions Europe.

This is the first game from Ghostbox and Right Pedal Studios to be released in China.

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