Into Light brightens up the App Store (Video)

Firelight Games debut title, Into Light, released and featured on the App Store

Into Light, a magical adventure game that plays with words and puzzles, has been released to the App Store by Firelight Games and featured as one of their best new games.

Caught up in a warzone, you escape into the tunnels beneath your city and discover a locked gate. In the darkness beyond is a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels and a strange magician who promises to help you find a way home. But only if you promise to help him in return…

Each room you enter brings new challenges; solve anagrams and letter puzzles to open up different paths, light candles in the right sequence to raise and lower bridges and solve increasingly elaborate gate puzzles to open mysterious doors that lead through to the next room. With each room you discover more about who you are, where your family is and how the war that’s destroyed their city has torn apart their lives.

“We’re really excited to see the game released and overwhelmed Apple has chosen to feature it ”, said game director, Dan Mayers, “We set out to make a game that has a distinct look and feel and explored some unique themes and we can’t wait to hear what people think.

Android and PC versions are to follow.