The release of Freestyle Football Trials, a non traditional football game that gives a cheeky nod to the footbag event of classic title California Games. Available on the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace, players can choose between childhood favourite keepy-uppy and a deeper trick based freestyle mode. With global score boards to keep competition fierce, Freestyle Football Trials looks to offer football fans something different to sink their teeth into and footbag fans a game long overdue.

A key element of Freestyle Football Trials is player movement. Legs are controlled directly allowing players a degree of control rarely, if ever, seen in similar sports titles. Developer, Zac Wootton, details how the experience benefits from this control: “By allowing direct movement of your character’s legs you get a real sense that you are in control, when you perform an awesome trick its because you have the skill not because you were able to time a button press just right!”

The defining features of Freestyle Football Trials include:
•Easy to pick up, difficult to master gameplay
•Keepy-uppy game: nostalgia at its best
•Freestyle game: tons of tricks you wish you could do in real life
•Time Trial and Endurance modes
•Global Score Boards

Release Date: Tuesday 17th December 2013
Price: $1.00/£0.69
Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games

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