Jewel Explosion 2 – jewel explosions are active again!

a new game by the Inlogic Software – the Jewel Explosion 2 appears on the game market. The game principle is based on connecting at least three identical jewels.

The game principle is very simple and the rules are nothing to worry about. The player just has to connect at least three jewels of the same colour and shape to make them explode and leave the space for more jewels. Empty space is then taken by more jewels and the combining can go on. Of course, the score is important as well. With correct combination and explosion of at least for jewels the player gets a special jewel that explodes and destroys everything around, either in a respective line or a column. The significant difference in the game is that it is not limited in time. The player must achieve the determined score while making the specified number of moves. This change of game principles opens completely new horizons and the player has more time for thinking and strategy. The necessary limit must be achieved, but for each level it is also possible to get a premium reward of one to three stars which is remarkable motivation. Moreover, there are 60 levels ready, each one with different partial tasks.

-60 levels
– different combinations of playing modes
– jewels with various effects
– levels that can be played again
– attractive jewel graphics

“This game has literally glued me to my phone for long hours, thanks to its simplicity and catching nature“, says the company’s project manager Mr Roman Szilagyi and he adds: “It is a great fun for everybody. It can be played by experienced players, as well as occasional ones who just want to have fun or take a break .“

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