Kedoo launches Talking Booba: Santa’s Pet with Unique User Acquisition Solutions

A 70cm hobgoblin, naive yet smart, clumsy yet cunning, is about to enter the mobile gaming space this Christmas, looking to break through the masses of content the market is usually offering at this time of year.

Whilst distribution has become easier thanks to the global reach of the app stores, gaining genuine exposure is grueling, not to mention expensive, especially during the Christmas period.

As Niklas Bakos, VP Publishing at innovative new publisher Kedoo Entertainment highlights, it is only through cross-promotion and multi-channeling that dynamic growth and remunerative user acquisition will occur.

Which is precisely what Kedoo aim to demonstrate with the launch of their Talking Booba: Santa’s Pet, the first in a series of eye-catching, hilarious 3D rendered interactive social mobile games. Booba is part of the company’s overall synergistic strategy to seamlessly cross-promote content on various digital media to drive traffic and user growth.

Developed under an exclusive agreement with animation studio 3D Sparrow and based on real motion video, Booba sets the standards for entertainment and social engagement, providing a unique experience from the fusion of movie and mobile game.

To achieve this Kedoo has launched KedooTV on YouTube and are focusing on the approach ‘game inside the video’ and ‘video inside the game’, with the exclusive rights to broadcast high quality 3D animated Booba episodes along the release of the mobile game. Incorporating one of Google’s latest YouTube technologies their audience can enjoy animated Booba shorts with the option to rapidly tap through to an app store to download the game.

KedooTV will act as a home for animated shorts, with the company educating creators and animation studios to shift away from the traditional model of striving for a broadcast deal and instead use the power of YouTube to launch their content, build a global audience and grow the brand awareness. “As kids and teens now are spending more time in front of their computers and YouTube compared to traditional television, building your brand on YouTube is definitely the route to go”, Bakos continues.

Supported on a multi-lingual platform, Talking Booba: Santa’s Pet is FREE for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS. The special festive edition also comes with additional exciting Christmas animations and is now available on all leading app stores globally.

Booba 3D shorts:

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