Knytt Underground, the latest release in the Knytt series is now available to download for your PC or Mac and will be coming soon to Linux.

Exploration feels like a grand adventure that fills you with a desire to see more of the beautiful and strange world in this new release created by renowned indie developer Nicklas Nygren, a.k.a ‘Nifflas’.

Knytt Underground is a 2D platform game featuring a quirky story and a huge world to explore. You can run, jump, climb, swing and bounce your way through over 1,800 rooms with unparalleled freedom.

Knytt Underground is available now for £9.99 in the UK, €12.99 in EU and $14.99 in the US.

Fans that have previously downloaded the PC or Mac version will also get the Linux version for free when it’s released.

The game is also available to download for your PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita via the PlayStation®Network.

Check out for more details.

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