KOEI TECMO EUROPE today shared details on the Custom Scenario and Edit Modes for its tactical action game, DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires, set to launch on 27 February 2015. The company also released stunning images of the game’s thrilling battlefields as the warriors face off against man and beast.

In DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires, Edit Mode enables players to create original characters and use them in the Empire Mode. Numerous upgrades made to the existing Edit Mode functions include the ability to edit allied soldiers, warhorses, banners and more, forming a unique player created unit. The mode also allows editing of the maps used in the scenarios, allowing the freedom to make entirely new scenarios. It’s up to the player whether to take the finely detailed unit and become a known warrior in the Three Kingdoms, or to choose to live life freely while attempting to rewrite history.
Custom Scenario mode adds the ability to control what will happen across the vast Chinese landscape. In addition to setting the locations and rulers of each kingdom, officers can be changed within those kingdoms. Players can also create their own title and introduction for the scenario, adjusting every last detail to form a brand new Three Kingdoms world.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires focuses deeply on the chaotic lives of the warriors as their fateful decisions affect the rise and fall of the nations they bravely fight for. Players can select from 83 unique characters, or create their own original character with a plentitude of options through the edit function. The visual customization goes further with the newly implemented ability to customize their horses, banners and “normal” officers.

Courageous warriors trudge through Ancient China with its vast plains, bleak wastelands, narrow ravines and immense castles as they slash through enemy lines. In DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires, players must fight against not only enemies but also the forces of nature as the changing seasons bring new elements to the more than 35 battlefields affected by seasons and the passing of time.

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