Kraken Attack: Unleash the Monster

Latest Android release from Csharks

Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one among the leading mobile game developers in India,is all set to release their new Android game “Kraken Attack”.

The Kraken has been held prisoner in the dark depths for a long time. Now, it has been summoned to unleash its fury on the world. The game allows you to play as the angry Kraken, destroying anything that comes in its way, be it a ship, planes or innocent dolphins.
“Tap” controls the kraken’s movements. Fireblobs and Watermines can take kraken’s life. So in order to stay alive, avoid getting hit by one. Score by destroying ships & planes. Eat dolphins for additonal points. This game is basically an Infinite Side scrolling game where the goal is to survive & score the maximum.

Unique Features:

ñ Unique character
ñ Medieval age background
ñ Simple controls
ñ Infinite Side Scrolling game

kraken, jump, scrolling,

Google Play : yet to be released)

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