Love is in the Air with Valentine’s Day Content for Majesco’s Flea Symphony

The whimsical iOS music puzzler Flea Symphony, from Majesco Entertainment and The Odd Gentlemen, received a romantic new update just in time for Valentine’s Day. Flea Symphony, an Apple “Editor’s Choice” selection, is a musical spin on the iOS physics puzzle genre, available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the App Store for $0.99. The Valentine’s Day update is free to players who have already purchased Flea Symphony.

The Flea Symphony update introduces the Love Bug Music Mechanic, which will cause the fleas to attract to each other when a heart icon is pressed, adding new ways for each puzzle to be solved. Players will use harps, string launchers and tuba cannons to help Harp, the Cupid Flea, in his quest to get two lovebugs to the altar in 20 new challenging but sweet levels.

In Flea Symphony, players must attract new customers to save Mr. Benson’s beloved music shop from closing its doors forever. To do this, the musically gifted fleas that inhabit Mr. Benson’s music boxes must orchestrate beautiful melodies with all sorts of instruments, including tuba cannons, guitar string launchers, and even turntables. Players must create the perfect musical machines to put on the show of a lifetime and keep the music shop open. The new levels add another charming chapter to the story, with two of Maestro Piccolo’s star performers heading to the wedding chapel for their happily ever after.

To help the betrothed fleas and their friends make musical matrimony, the Valentine’s Day update is a free update for current owners. For new musicians, Flea Symphony is available for $0.99 on the App Store and can be downloaded here:

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