Lunar eclipse – asteroid shooting game

An awesome Asteroid Shooting game. Fly through the space by destroying enemy ships and asteroids. Collect power-ups and skill upgrades to enhance your speed and shooting power!

– Do you have what it takes to enter Lunar Eclipse?

5 initial levels that introduces you with the fearless world of Lunar Eclipse. You can already start preparing yourself emotionally for the boss you will face at the 5th level. Because, believe us, its not for pussies and only strongest will survive. And if you do you’ll get access to what this game is really about – Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse is why you’ll be getting up in the morning, Lunar Eclipse will be the thing that keeps you going and you will love it, you’ll love it like you’ve never loved anything before.


Power-ups and skill upgrades
5 Initial levels
Boss that is fairly difficult to destroy
Already legendary Lunar Eclipse mode
Awesome Achievements
Game Center integration
Augmented reality mode
Loads of Fun and adventures!

Dark side of the moon hides a loads of UFO adventures!

Lunar eclipse developed by Pixel Punch, you might also want to check our other games: Music Samurai and Paparazzi

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Lunar Eclipse - Asteroid shooting game - Pixel Punch

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