Mafia III Collectors Edition (Video)

The Mafia III Collector’s Edition is packed with physical and digital items, providing a window into the sights and sounds of a turbulent 1968 New Bordeaux, Louisiana, the vast, diverse and seedy criminal underworld of Mafia III.

Includes full game and all bonus digital content found in the Mafia III: Deluxe Edition, plus:

The Art of Mafia III Collectible Art Book by Insight Editions:
A 56-page visual look at the creation of New Bordeaux, a new game world fashioned after New Orleans in the summer of 1968.

Lincoln Clay Replica Dog Tags:
1960’s US military issue replicas, these are the tags of a combat-hardened Vietnam vet fueled by the need for military-grade revenge against the Italian Mafia.

Faux Leather Establishment Drink Coasters:
Representing the Paradiso Casino and Sammy’s in-game criminal establishments, these aren’t just souvenirs, but symbols of Lincoln Clay’s motivations for revenge.

Exclusive Collectible Art Prints:
From Playboy and the Alberto Vargas Estate representing a vast collection of art for players to discover in-game.

Mafia III: Original Game Score:
180 gram vinyl pressing of the original game score of Mafia III. Composed by gaming greats, Jesse Harlin and Jim Bonney, it’s a Rhythm and Blues inspired tour through a city ruled by organized crime and corrupt officials and the setting for Lincoln Clay’s emotional story of loss and revenge.

Official track listing:

1. New Bordeaux
Written by Jesse Harlin
2. 11th Hour Blues
Written by Jim Bonney
3. That’s the Plan, Padre
Written by Jesse Harlin
4. Crush N Shuffle
Written by Jim Bonney
5. For Old Time’s Sake
Written by Jesse Harlin
1. Shudder N Moan
Written by Jim Bonney
2. Freezers and Paper Trails
Written by Jesse Harlin
3. Going Down Slow
Written by Jim Bonney
4. Howl
Written by Jim Bonney
5. Only One Thing We’re Good At
Written by Jesse Harlin
Mafia III: Official Soundtrack of New Bordeaux:
180 gram vinyl pressing featuring some of the 60’s greatest hit makers and the artists that inspired them. As a sampling of the complete in-game soundtrack, it is an eclectic mix — Rock, Rhythm and Blues, and Pop, all colliding against a backdrop of war, civil unrest, and sweeping social changes that defined the 1960’s.

Official track listing:

1.Black Ghost Blues
by Lightnin’ Hopkins
2.Paint It, Black
by The Rolling Stones
3.Tramp by Otis Redding & Carla Thomas
4.I Got My Mojo Working
by The Shadows of Knight
5.Walking The Dog
by Rufus Thomas
6.All Along The Watchtower
by Jimi Hendrix
SIDE TWO: 1.Chain Gang
by Sam Cooke
2.I Let A Good Thing Go By
by Dewey Edwards
3.Go Go Shoes by Lonnie Youngblood
4.Slip Away
by Clarence Carter
5.The House Of The Rising Sun
by The Animals