Mahjong Soul, Japanese Riichi Mahjong Game on Mobile

More than half a year after Mahjong Soul launched on web, the anime-themed Japanese riichi mahjong game is available on both iOS and Android. Players can enjoy thrilling mahjong competition anytime, anywhere with opponents from all over the world. For players who’ve been enjoying mahjong on web, the mobile version is cross-platform, so players can seamlessly switch between PC and mobile.

Mahjong Soul features famous Japanese voice actresses, kawaii anime girl characters with unique personalities, character lines and backstories, and a customizable game experience where players flexibly choose their own BGM, effects, styles.

When starting Mahjong Soul, the game will offer a comprehensive tutorial for beginners to pick up the game quickly, meanwhile equipping players with fundamental knowledge on how to complete a hand and win a match. A fair matchmaking system based on each player’s rank ensures players of different levels can all enjoy exhilarating matches with other skilled players in ranked matches.

Mahjong Soul is an interactive game inside out. Players can discover and compete with others from all over the world. Players can enjoy friendly matches by either creating or joining a room through Mahjong Soul’s Friends System. Players can spectate other people’s matches to learn from the subtle strategies of mahjong veterans throughout the game. Players can also use fun emojis derived from their characters show their reactions in real-time in a match.

Players can choose from one of two default anime girl characters to start, with an additional 16 summonable characters available for players to draw. Players can increase the bond points with their characters by playing ranked matches or by sending gifts to their characters. When the bond points reaches a designated level, an entirely new character image, new set emojis, and a new set of voice-overs will unlock all at the same time.

More fun and unpredictable challenges in Mahjong Soul are ready to be revealed, download the game now and pocket it anywhere to play it anytime.