MapleStory Introduces Powerful Kaiser Character

Nexon America’s MapleStory has introduced the third installment of the four-part Tempest update, giving players an opportunity to create and play as the newly reborn Kaiser character. Kaiser is a strong Nova Warrior who is armed with a deadly two-handed sword and can call upon the power of ancient dragons.

The Black Mage has been sealed away by Luminous, but a new darkness threatens Maple World. Magnus, the power-hungry evil force, has already captured Heliseum and it’s up to Kaiser, whose spirit in the youthful Kyle’s body, to rally forces to save Grandis and keep the evil away from Maple World.

Kaiser was once a great hero who kept the people of Grandis safe from the evil Magnus. After one fateful battle, Kaiser’s last attack destroyed his physical form and his spirit was confined to the spirit realm. Hundreds of years later, Kaiser’s spirit was reborn in Kyle, a young Nova boy who struggles against the same evil.

Players who create a Kaiser character will be able to use new skills including Hyper Skills, and they will even get a chance to battle Magnus. Kaiser’s new skills include Inferno Breath, where he can summon an ancient dragon to cause continuous damage with a fiery breath, and Giga’s Wave, which afflicts Slow with a single powerful slash. Hyper Skills, or three new categories of skills available only to the Nova and Hero characters, provide the strength needed to purge evil from Maple World and Grandis. Hyper Skills are only available to Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous and Kaiser characters level 140 or higher. In addition, Kaiser characters level 190 and above can take a group of their equally powerful friends and head to Heliseum to take on the Black Mage’s most powerful henchmen.

To take a break from fighting evil, players can visit Happyville, MapleStory’s Christmas-themed town. Players can access Happyville by speaking to an NPC in town named Rooney. Once in Happyville, players can play through quests, battle a giant snowman, decorate a Christmas tree, and enjoy the holiday cheer during the most wonderful time of the year with friends.

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