Marmalade Publishing announces ‘Piggy Biggy’, puzzling players and teasing out logic on iOS

Marmalade Publishing today announced the launch of a wonderfully frustrating game Piggy Biggy from inventive developer Black Ted. It is available now on iOS.

Piggy, a rather cute little pig, has a mission to collect as many gold coins scattered through the game as possible. This simple aim is complicated somewhat by the range of objects which stand in his way. The player must move or destroy these objects for Piggy to fulfil his purpose!

Throughout the game, movement and destruction of these objects takes logic and skills. There are huge safes to crack which require trial and error to open, a little car to steer in the desired direction and a bad piggy to outsmart. Other objects include blocks to be destroyed, chains to break and magnetic bombs to explode all in a particular order to allow Piggy to reach the coins.

The golden coins are placed tantalisingly close, yet will seem very distant when the objects do not behave as you want them to! This, added to the huge variety in level design requires the player to adapt to a massive number of intricately created challenges.

Piggy Biggy teases out a player’s logical thinking and will keep them on tenterhooks as they determine whether their well thought out strategy delivers the precious golden coins.

Funny and adorable Piggy character
Physics-based game
The logical challenge increases throughout the game
Facebook friend challenges
Plenty of action: destroy blocks, spit explosive seeds, steer a little car, explode magnetic bombs and tons more.

Piggy Biggy is available free from:
Apple App Store

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