Max Axe, Apple’s Featured App of the Week!

LLC is pleased to announce Max Axe: an endless runner, action RPG. Max Axe is featured by Apple as the “Free App of the Week” and is available on all iOS devices worldwide.

The player takes on the role of Max, a barbarian berserker on a quest for total destruction in a colorful 3D world with hilarious sound effects. Feature a challenging mix of addicting, classical, arcade gameplay styles, leaving the player wanting more. Slay slimes, dragons, and other bizarre creatures with crazy axe combos, and collect ridiculous treasure to unlock tons of gear. Annihilate and compete against your friends to rule the Leaderboards!

When: February 13th to the 20th, Max Axe will be available for Free for a limited time. Players have one week to take advantage of the Free offer as the game will go back to its original price of $1.99 after February 20th.


•Fast paced action!
•Totally destructible environments!
•Mega combos – hit as many items as possible in a single throw & earn powerful drops!
•Beat your friends’ scores & see them appear as in-game ghosts….then axe them!
•Tons of gear to unlock!
•Cartoony visuals!
•Hilarious SFX & Original chiptune score!

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