Max Bradshaw and the Zombie Invasion by Little Dragon Games (Video)

Little Dragon Games, a new indie game studio, has announced its first game: Max Bradshaw and the Zombie Invasion, available now on mobile and tablet devices.

Meet Max Bradshaw, intrepid adventurer and all around hero. Then help him save the world from a zombie invasion in this modern action adventure game designed to bring back some of those classic gaming feelings. With the use of intuitive touch screen controls, become Max Bradshaw and set out to battle zombies with the assistance of your trusty side-arm.

As Max, you’ll wake up groggy in a graveyard surrounded by zombies. As you escape to the city you’ll learn the entire world has been overrun! You’ll meet a mysterious scientist named Doc who claims to know how to save the world. Drive his car through zombie-infested roads and protect him until he takes you to his top-secret laboratory. Rescue Doc’s colleagues, then fly a helicopter to collect their necessary equipment. Collect zombie DNA using a modified vehicle. Experiment with advanced teleporters before embarking on a journey with an armoured tank! After battling your way through a military fortress filled with zombies (of course!) you will learn the secret behind the zombie invasion!

This isn’t your typical zombie game; it’s a modern, genre mixing homage to some of the 80’s and 90’s most fun games. Remember when failing in a game was still possible?

Available now for iOS on the Apple App Store and Android on Google Play.