Five Media Software Group releases the action strategy game Bombs for iPhone and iPod touch.

Defend your castle against the explosively evil Bomb Horde.

Bombs is a fast, furious, and fun action strategy game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Wave after wave of relentless Bombs self destruct upon your castle attempting to burn it to the ground. Destroy the bombs before they destroy you. Blow up all the bombs, or survive for 15 seconds to move on to the next wave. Defeat 100 waves to win the game. Bombs is infinitely replay-able with its randomly generated waves. Compete for high scores and achievements, or challenge friends to high scores with its Game Center support.

Bombs features include:

– 100 randomly generated levels for endless replay value;
– Burnable blocks that can be flung at the bombs;
– Set off chain reactions to score higher;
– Spinners toss Bombs at your castle from all directions;
– Spawn points release an endless supply of Bombs;
– Simple controls – tap to set fire to anything in range, including Bombs! Tap your burning castle to douse it in water and put it out; and,
– Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements;

Bombs for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available for free on the App Store. For more information please visit .

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